Do you have a virtual skillset?

So it turns out the old saying is true...

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Also - when you're doing what you love around your own schedule, and from home... thats pretty rad too! We work with some of the most AMAZING clients - ranging from your average - but awesome biz owner - that just needs a little help here and there, to I wish I could tell you who some of them are - but you've most likely seen them on your fave daytime tv shows, news programs, or magazines.

My skillset - 

Tends to be more on the creative side. I love design and anything creative, BUT on the flip side I find it refreshing to balance it out with a little bit of the mundane analytical tasks. Think data entry, research, record keeping, and typical "office assistant" tasks. 

There is definitely a realization that business owners have come to - and that is home is the new office. What is great about what we do besides the fact that somedays our uniform is our PJ's - is that we build our day around our lifestyle, and the tasks of the client. I will say, I feel this job is one that you must be self disciplined. You have to learn time management - after all, we still have a job to get done. But do I have the latest Real Housewives on in the background? You betcha! When I have a creative block - I go for a dip in the pool! Things you definitely can't do at the office!! BEST part about it, is with school and the future being uncertain - I don't have as much concern about closures. I know that I will be home for my kiddo!

With that being said...

We are looking at expanding our team. Depending on your skillset and your passion, we may be able to pair you up with one of our amazing clients! I would love to hear about your skillsets and interests so we can kick back to you what tasks & clients are available! If you are a reliable, self starter - who would love to work around your own schedule & provide your fave skillsets to our amazing clients CLICK HERE to get in contact with me! 

I would love to hear what you're good at and enjoy doing so we can match you up!

I'm interested in the opportunity! 

Do you have a virtual skillset we could use? 

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