Network Marketing

This is actually one of my fave - and one of the easiest ways to work for yourself & around your schedule. Before you roll your eyes and say 'but my neighbor/sister/best friend/2nd cousin used to sell Tupperware/lipstick/leggings/quilted bags and she spent a ton of money on a bunch of junk and had to recruit everyone she met at the grocery store and wouldn't shut up about it' 

ok. so your cousin Sally was probably really excited about this new adventure she was doing - and I really hope you supported her 💕 with that being said, done right, I REALLY love network marketing. Its typically a GREAT group of girls - that really want to earn a side income for their family. They're smart, passionate, and really interested in the company that they're representing. Most importantly, they believe in the company they're representing. So when your friend, cousin, neighbor - whoever, tells you about their new business or maybe wants you to be a part of the journey with them, please don't turn up your nose. That is such a complement. I wish you knew! #1 they were probably terrified to even bring it up because they legit care what you think, and #2 they see something in you and they think it would be so great to share the journey with you by their side.

Network marketing is a time tested, true and true method of business. All they do is cut out the middle man. Similar to what "influencers" were doing before it was the "in" thing. Only you earn (typically) around 35% commission (compared to the measly 3%-10% most influencers earn from who they rep. 

Network marketing doesn't pay high priced advertising fees - so ya know how your fave celebrities endorse (whatever you see on tv) your network marketing company is going to take the money they saved from not paying advertising, and put it back into research & development and be able to keep a more than fair compensation plan for their consultants.

No. You don't have to hassle your relatives or old high school buddies, and some companies don't have a huge start up or starter kit to buy. There are a ton of companies, and a ton of different ways you can promote your company's  products/services. Most companies have a success plan, or some form of guide to help you get started and an "outline" of ways that people have been successful in the past. Good news is, if you don't like it- change it! It's YOUR business. You're in charge! 

I do have a network marketing business that I absolutely love. I have been involved in several - and theres one that I left and I went back. I had always used the products (even after I decided to stop "selling") and I fell in love with the company, philosophy, products, and purpose. I work with a company who is B corp certified which is basically - walk the walk. They're vegan, gluten free, and take out over 2000 chemicals that are in typical every day products. 

But if that doesn't sound like your jam - research some!

 That is the main thing - just do your research. Find a company that sounds fun and interesting to you! Deciding to join a network marketing company is NOT a scary thing. It's like a coffee decision... not a mortgage decision. Personally - my network marketing business is only $49 to start up - and you get a website for a whole year. I'm positive you've spent AT LEAST $50 on something stupid in the past 30 days. THIS could actually be making you money.... 

For more info on my network marketing biz CLICK HERE 


This is a popular one lately, and yes, you can make money from blogging. Does it happen over night? Of course not. Most things don't. But there are ways to monetize your hobby! How does that work exactly? 

Find your passion - find what exactly you're interested in! Chances are there are other people out there that will have a common interest. Cooking, fashion, knitting, party planning, home decor, collecting spoons from every state (actually the last one was a legit hobby when I was little) - gather a few ideas. 

Find a good host for your blog - a couple I like are BLUE HOST & SCALAHOST (you can read more about those companies on my BLOGGING 101 POST HERE 

Find a good platform - I love Wordpress, that is what I use for majority of my clients when I am designing their blogs. This specific blog is actually through VistaPrint - I had done some promo materials with them in the past and it works for now 🤷🏼‍♀️ Wordpress just has so many more features though - especially when it comes to monetizing your blog. 

Next is just to put yourself out there for advertisers! What stores, products or services would you like to advertise and promote on your blog? A big one through the home & fashion world right now is of course (and you can follow me at LaceysBestLife) I don't use it a whole ton. I go through phases... I would like to be better... BUT Its easy in the fact that everything is there on one platform (advertiser wise)  but my passion isn't to just buy a whole bunch of stuff in hopes you will too.... and I feel like thats what it is. You have to constantly post and I just don't shop like that lol BUT it is super cute and I think the girls on there are super cute too. I just do it a little differently. I will give you a few pointers on the old school way HERE that I prefer. But both take consistent effort. FUN ... but effort 😉

Virtual Assisting

This is a growing trend, that I myself actually stumbled into. Back in the early blogger and Wordpress days I definitely found myself building sites over and over again just for fun. NOW - you can actually get paid for it. But you don't have to be a tech wiz to be a virtual assistant. There are a ton of useful qualities we look for in our VA's. Basic customer service skills (don't be a snot on the phone, and speak intelligently), taking over emails, social media management, graphic design, project management experience, ability to research various business adventures, etc. 

Again - this is you living YOUR best life. Think about what YOU enjoy doing - are you more creative or are you on the analytical side? What skills do you bring the table? Do you enjoy data entry, excel, or proof reading? The opportunities are endless - and chances are, someone is in need of a skill you could bring to the table because they simply just don't have the time. 

You get to set your own schedule, take tasks & pick up clients that you think you would enjoy working with - and when you're doing what you enjoy (in your PJ's) it really doesn't feel like work....

 To learn more about becoming a VA click HERE and will gladly send you some info to help you get started on your own VA journey!


Marie Kondo it up! I've actually had my posh closet since 2013 - and it is one of the easiest ways to clean out your closet and make some extra cash to fill it up again. It has the feel of a social media platform with parties and communities- and there are girls that have turned flipping apparel into a part time to full time gig! 

A couple tips - make sure you take quality photos of your items, and update them frequently. Share them to parties, and also share other poshers items. They typically return the favor - and then your items are shared in their feed with their followers. This also helps you grow in the ranks - when you're a posh ambassador you gain credibility and others tend to buy from you. You can find my closet @LilmissLaceyk

Compliance Shopping

This one is actually really fun! You get paid to shop or do fun activities by companies that represent the stores/attractions. Now chances are, you'll never get rich doing this, compensation is minimal (for the most part). BUT you will be reimbursed however for the job you did/the place you shopped or visited. 

I've done everything from fine dining shops and hotels to local amusement parks & attractions, retail stores & even gas stations for a quick fill up. Now keep in mind - you can't TOTALLY relax when you're doing these, and it does take practice. Typically there is a checklist of things you need to watch for/be mindful of, as well as people you will need to talk to and questions you will need to ask. You must complete your evaluation thoroughly if you expect to be compensated for your visit. In 5 years of doing compliance shops - I've only missed the mark on 1 shop. Which I still maintain wasn't my fault 🙄 but you just always have to be prepared for that and we had a REALLY nice dinner so oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️

There are scams out there - so do your research (common theme here). The company I got started with and can pick up little jobs here and there is MarketForce. Ive never had an issue with payment from them, and ask you earn credibility and work your way up - your jobs obviously get better. You can't expect ANY compliance company to send you and your significant other on a 5 day 4 night cruise for free when you have no experience in the compliance world (yes those are actual compliance jobs you can pick up 🤗) so hop in and work your way up!

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