"I am one of those people who hates the thought of a monthly "thing"- I am not a fan of auto ship. BUT these are actually some really cool services I felt that I COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT..."

I had never considered a kids subscription box - I just never wanted more "little junkie things". But when I came across this company I really liked that it taught the kids something- without a whole bunch of clutter. There is usually something to build- and keeps them busy. Plus it caters to  ALL different ages. No matter how old you are- who DOESN'T like getting something FUN in the mail?! 

Because kids have different interests too- there are different themes to the bundles! Pick which one would interest your child the most!

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So the really cool thing about this planner is that it not only organizes your personal life- but also your wellbeing. It's like a "mindfulness planner" for the things that we SHOULD pay attention to, but don't. Like how are you feeling? Remember you said you were going to workout, meditate, drink water, (whatever), every day?? Well, there's a habit tracker for that! Things like monthly expenses, mood tracker, creative elements, "special notes"- this planner has it ALL. And better yet- it shows up once a month. A brand new crisp clean planner every month to start it off right- with all those new great intentions. For under $20 - its SO worth it. 

Click HERE to check it out!

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