Because the average millionaire has 7 streams of income, and its never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket. Having a little something going on the side is NEVER a bad idea! The average person is working for someone else from 9-5 which means you have time BEFORE or AFTER to work for yourself. For your dream and your future. Take a look at some fun ideas that are work but don't always feel like it - and can give you a little boost in the pocket book!

Sometimes I come up with some pretty wacky ideas... That doesn't stop me from trying to pursue them or give them a whirl... This guy right here might think I'm crazy half the time, but he always try's to work through the crazy in my mind to sharpen my vision. So really he's a shenanigan enabler ... I've always had a passion for writing, creating, and anything social media. Analytics and marketing FASCINATE me. So when I discovered there was a place - that I could put all of my passion and actually get paid to do what I love... I had to share my shenanigan! Now... that doesn't mean you HAVE to love the things I do - take a look at some other virtual skillsets we could totally use! 

Does your bookshelf need a makeover? Check out some of my favorite reads for giving yourself a boost of inspiration, courage & a little bit of a kick in the pants! These books will put a pep in your step, get your headspace right, and help you find the passion behind your purpose 💕

Check out a few of my latest obsessions - prints - patterns - straps - and kits 🤩

Where do I even start? Do I have to turn stuff into the state? Does he have to be frequently tested? Will I have to take a test to make sure I'm even competent enough to homeschool?!! Will he get the social interaction he needs not to have culture shock when he enters the world!??!

Those are legit questions that stopped me from exploring any homeschool option.... 

This is an all time fave for all the seasons! Movie night - complete with themed menu.

 Its not "too much work" - have fun with it and get creative!! I promise you'll earn extra bonus mom points with this one! Surprise the kids or let them help with the kid friendly meals!

So there's been a ton of debate - more it seems like every summer. What the heck is up with UVA & UVB - why not just grab the cheapest sunscreen? Aren't all sunscreens the same? Shouldn't I just go for the SPF 5 million? 

Get the (understandable) breakdown on sunscreens + my top picks.

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