If you're crazy busy and just can't seem to fit it in...

Or you're "not much of a reader" you gotta get into this fantastic solution. Remember being a kid and having "books on tape"? This is that only digital and a million times better. You can bookmark wherever you leave  off- and have a full digital library right on your phone, tablet, or stream through your Google/Alexa/Smart Speaker. 

And back to this "you're not much of a reader" deal- find something that interests you! Whether its snarky girl humor, a good how to book, or are aliens real?- get into growing you're mind. "Not reading" is so last season.

Self Development

I think as a "grown up" I've maybe only read a handful of fiction books. I really grew to love self development books. And before you roll your eyes or assume its a quack who wrote a guidebook on "how to be happy" - it actually might not be what you think. Personal development can be anything from growing your perspective on the world around you, to learning how to make better connections with people, to growing your business (or even learning great ways to start one).  Lately I've been obsessed with learning about the law of attraction. I basically found myself being a happier all around person, and giving grace, even when grace wasn't technically due. But it's all about perspective, and concurring your mind. Getting out of ruts and mental funks. Basically was 90% of the population needs to do!! 

Right now you can get a free trial, with 2 free audiobooks! Test out the subscription and enjoy 2 free books of your choosing! Check out a few of my faves below- or discover something else you love! 

This book is basically an outline with amazing new ways of thinking about life. Whether you're wanting to motivate a working team around you, or just motivate yourself. This is basically a get your rear in gear book, with testimonials from successful people (both well known and not). I also think this is a great one to listen to in the car even when my son is with me. I find him listening, and asking questions about what Jack Canfield is speaking about and as a mom, its SUCH an awesome feeling growing his mind this way.

I LOVE Gabrielle Bernstein. She has a ton of motivational speeches on YouTube that people have posted, and she's also spoken at events for Oprah. She's hardworking & successful but it was at quite the cost. She helps others not make the same mistakes she did, and really makes you think about your path. Her words are kind- but she is straight to the point. This book will help you let go of petty judgements and resentments you may be holding on to. If you haven't come to terms with certain things- they will indefinitely hold you back.

Her writing is so fun and snarky-which I love. She says what you're thinking, especially if you're kinda in a funk. This is a FANTASTIC audiobook- I have this one playing a lot in the house, or when I'm in the car by myself. Its just a fun, thoughtful pick me up! 

She also has another book I really like, but I prefer it NOT in audio form. It's called "You are a Badass Everyday" and I use that one more as just a daily, open the book and read a page or two. Sometimes it's a quote, sometimes it's an affirmation, and sometimes it's a short story.

I love, love, LOVE this woman. Melissa Ambrosini also has podcasts that I am OBSESSED with. Again, a great book if you're in a funk- and even if you're not! She is  just a motivating goddess! This is such a great audiobook. I highly recommend you check her out.

This one is SUCH a classic. It is basically a blue print for success- but he helps you do the inner work on you own. You learn "Rich" is a relative term. What is richness to me, may not be richness to you-and its not always monetary. It is what you make it. Literally this is a blueprint of getting what you want in life. This is a staple in my library, both physical and digital. Its one you can listen to over and over again, and get something new out of it each time. Also another one that I really enjoy listening to with my son in the car. 

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