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I have become quite the personal development junkie lately - and I am obsessed with the positive vibes flying off my bookshelf. 

Each one of these current reads lead me on a journey to the next - it started with wanting to form good daily habits, and set myself up for success > to learning about law of attraction, meditation, and manifestation. I love each and every author, and totally geek out while I'm reading the book - I usually end up listening to podcasts, interviews, watching YouTubes, and wanting to soak up every bit of knowledge they have to share. 

Right now if you're thinking the subjects are a little foo foo - all I can tell you is if you've ever felt like you're in a rut, or maybe you're going through a rut right now - these books will get you out of your head and give you such a positive spin and outlook on life. They're incredible. 

This book is a little different than any of the others - it is told as a fable/story rather than a guide to "living your best life". Long story short - it is about a young lawyer who is still not satisfied in life, and gives up everything on his quest for happiness. A book that really puts life into perspective - and an inspiring read!


I'm a recovering closet & cupboard stasher. Every once and again I relapse -I don't know what to do with something or "will get to it later" so I toss it in something with a door or a drawer. I never got into the entire "Kondo Craze" when it was happening - but I am slowly becoming addicted. If you feel bogged down in any space - READ THIS! Everything is energy - if it doesn't spark joy, let it move along!


I am fascinated with successful peoples routines. This book is essentially a guide to giving yourself an incredible power hour to jumpstart one of many successful habits you're wanting to develop. It's all about the daily!! 


Incredible. I read this book back in 2006 and it totally changed the way I thought about the food industry - the dairy industry in particular. So many facts and studies- it all makes so much sense! If you love Forks over Knives, Food Inc, Engine 2, Cowspiracy, FoodMatters, Food Choices, FedUP, What the Health.... HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ THIS BOOK YET!? Just sayin... get it!


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