I've pinned endless amount of delicious looking "buddha bowls" but never actually attempted one because honestly I thought it was going to be way too much work. But guys... the air fryer strikes again. I can't brag about one enough. So I marinated chicken in lawrey's lemon pepper marinade for about 30 minutes, when I decided I was going to entertain the idea of actually making one of these! Then when I committed, I pulled out the air fryer, a frozen bag of diced sweet potatoes and a can of garbanzo beans. 

I threw the chicken in the air fryer, and pressed the chicken button (I believe that means its at 400*) and I set it for 20 minutes, flipping every so often. Because I wanted everything to be done just about the same time, I went ahead and tossed my sweet potatoes in some olive oil, salt & pepper, and threw them in the oven at 400* for 15 mins (stirring them around at about 10 mins). I drained the garbanzo beans, salted, and tossed them in a cajun seasoning for a little spice. 

When the potato timer went off, I went ahead and left them in there until the chicken was done. I realized I was juggling quite a few things at a time, so I wrapped the chicken in foil, and threw them into the (turned off, but still hot)oven. I put the seasoned garbanzo beans into the air fryer and pressed the "fries" button (370*) for only about 5 minutes- and started the rice, and boiled the water for my poached egg. 

I fixed the rice according to the directions, and focused mainly on the poached egg. The trick I've found to them is bring the water to a boil, turn off the burner, wait for the bubbles to stop. Then stir the water, starting almost a tornado in the middle of the pot. then plop the egg in! I have my egg pre-cracked into a bowl and ready to go. Then just let it spin & create its own little pouch! I left my egg in the hot water until I was ready to top the buddha bowl with it. 

So making of the bowl... I crunched up some kale in a paper towel, and layered the bottom of the bowl with it. Placed a scoop of seasoned rice, sweet potatoes, chicken & seasoned garbanzo beans. Then I topped the bowl with a sliced avocado, and the poached egg, then sprinkled "everything bagel"seasoning all over! 

The last thing that made the bowl complete was the lemon tahini dressing. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A scoop of tahini, juice of a lemon, and some salt ( a little bit of oil if its too dry ). Thats it! It really wasn't as tedious as I thought it would be... and the outcome was delish. My son is a little funny - he will eat whatever as long as it is separate. So he ate this but nothing could be blended together... so basically kid approved! 

And if you haven't committed to an air fryer yet, or think they're just hype- you really are missing out. You can find SO many great, relatively inexpensive ones. you DON'T have to spend $200 on an air fryer... here's mine and I absolutely love it! 


1/4 avocado

2 organic chicken breasts

handful of kale

1 cup (uncooked) wild rice

1 small frozen bag of sweet potatoes

1 can garbanzo beans

1 egg (per bowl)

Lemon pepper marinade (I used lawrey's)

cajun seasoning (I used sprouts/fresh thyme's generic)

everything bagel seasoning

a jar of tahini 

1 lemon

olive oil

  • Marinate chicken 30 mins prior to cooking
  • Preheat oven to 400*
  • Cook rice according to directions
  • Start a separate pot of boiling water (for egg)
  • Crack 1 egg into a bowl and set aside
  • Throw chicken breast in air fryer (on chicken button/400* for 20 mins)
  • Toss frozen diced sweet potatoes in olive oil/salt/pepper
  • Throw sweet potatoes into oven 400* for 15 minutes
  • If water is boiling, turn burner off
  • Drain & sprinkle desired amount (1 tsp) of cajun seasoning onto garbanzo beans
  • When potato timer goes off, turn oven off, but leave potatoes in- and when chicken is done, wrap in foil & toss into warm oven with sweet potatoes
  • As long the boiling bubbles have stopped, and the water is still hot, go ahead and start stirring the water- creating a tornado in the center. Grab your bowl with the egg and plop it into the center and leave it alone!! let the water create an egg pouch. Leave the egg in the water until you are ready to put it on top of the buddha bowl
  • Grab a handful of kale and crunch in a paper towel (this helps it be less bitter when you eat it) layer the bottom of the buddha bowl with the kale
  • Spoon other ingredients into the bowl at desired amounts & enjoy! 

*****For lemon tahini dressing- 1 tbsp & juice of 1/4 lemon w/salt to taste & a little oil should do it***** 

This along with the avocado on top of your bowl creates a great dressing consistency!

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