First things first...

So you want to blog... 

If you're just doing this as a hobby- something in your spare time, you could care less who reads it, if they ever come back, or otherwise... then I guess you do you boo! But if you're thinking about joining the community of "professional" (are we a profession?) bloggers- you might want to take a few things into consideration.

Your Audience

Who is your target market? Are you writing to moms? Early 20's - Mid 30's? Maybe you want to start a lifestyle blog - fashion, trends etc. If you're anything like me you kinda like it all.... I love the idea of being super diverse because my mind bounces around like a ping pong ball! I don't ever want to be tied to any one niche - and I have a ton of different interests! Bottom line - choose YOUR passion. Choose something YOU want to talk about. This will ensure you keep enjoying the writing process - which will keep your readers wanting to come back for more. Believe it or not - the world is full of people who honestly want to hear what others have to say. 

Your Brand

Are you planning on branding yourself? Lately that like "THE THING". But it just makes sense. So think about this when choosing your domain - because it could potentially drive and take over EVERYTHING. 

Laceys Best Life... It kinda came about as a catchy way to describe the second phase or "rebirth" of my life. I hit 30 as a recently divorced, "single" mom (I use that term loosely because I had the support of an amazing partner) and I decided that from that moment I was going to live my best life! This blog reflects those adventures/misadventures and my new lifestyle values. So what is your "brand" going to look like? What values is your blog going to represent?

Platform for the Party...

So which platform sounds like it's going to fit your blog best? Theres so many choices - and the choices can be overwhelming, especially if you're new to this whole shindig. 

Theres WIX, Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Squarespace, Bitrix and I'm sure more. I've created blogs on WIX, Wordpress, and Blogger- currently hands down, I would go with Wordpress. Especially if you're wanting to continue this "hobby" for some time. There is "hosted" Wordpress blogs (that's where you get the .com) or there is "self-hosted" Wordpress blogs (thats where you get the .org)... BORING. JUST TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE. Ok so the hosted (.com) are free but limit your income potential. The self-hosted (.org) cost a little money but give you SO much more control and do not limit your income potential.... 

*I should mention that just because you choose the .org/self hosted blog... you can still have a .com domain. I know.... confusing... sorry.*

Remember though- you could always go with the free Wordpress to start. 

Hostess with the Mostest...

Who's going to host your actual blog? What is a host and what even is the importance of one? Don't I just do my site and it goes out into the magical web and people find me??

Not exactly. 

A host puts your blog on the internet and makes it accessible to readers. There are a couple hosts that I prefer to use- both offer discounts and super cheap plans. Especially when I'm diving into a new adventure - I am not one that will throw in all the chips and hope the ball lands on my color. 

Right now ScalaHosting is running a 20% off promo


There is a 30 day money back guarantee! Scalahosting takes care of automatic Wordpress updates, custom security settings, malware scans/removals, FREE SSL certificate, and a dedicated firewall. That boils down to you get to do what you love- they make sure your website is free from attacks. And seriously- there's plans starting at like $3.95 a month... 

This company has a money back guarantee as well - and super easy to get started. CLICK HERE TO GO TO BLUEHOST

Basically you pick a plan, choose a domain (or carry one over), and set up your account. Bluehost bills 1-3, or 5 years up front (they do not offer a monthly payment options- but hosts that do often charge a lot more than what Bluehost does)


All that is left to do after that is to pick your theme and log into your Wordpress account! Personally I would stick with one of 2 themes - Astra or GeneratePress. Both are FULLY customizable (so they don't have to look like the picture) and both are really well done. 

Blogging for beginners...

Let me take the fear out of blogging for a second as far as getting it set up - you don't have to hire a professional to do it. Yes - I design blogs and websites for clients. But once you get the knack of it you can totally do it on your own! Plus theres tools out there "plug-ins" or "widgets" to make it super simple (I'm talking drag and drop!) You do have to have a paid Wordpress account to use those, but it will still save you a FORTUNE over turning your design over to a developer (as in drop a 0 off the total typically). So there ya go! Thats it. That gets you started! 

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