I'm a sucker for a good lip color, but typically gloss is a total hair trap. I discovered these "matte/lip shine" duos- and I'm obsessed. It gives you the benefit of a lip stain matte, but keeps your lips hydrated (and your hair doesn't attack your face) This is my #1 must have.

You can find them here and will run you about $30

When lash extensions first hit the scene (before they were uber popular and affordable) I worked at a trendy salon, and our esthetician LOVED to share her newly learned skill. Problem was you laid there while she painstakingly individually bonded these lashes to yours for about 4 hours. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR THAT ANYMORE! And the amount of care and upkeep those things needed.... don't get me wrong they looked fantastic (right after they were done) but for the average girl- it's just too much. 

My must have #2 is Arbonne's "Speak Volumes" mascara. It's infused with vitamins to actually help your lashes grow - so you can have your very own REAL falsie looking lashes. And I LOVE. The brush comes to a gradual pointed tip, so it's easy to apply on all the lashes. Plus it doesn't clump when you apply added layers... so if you want that really dramatic black thick lash- you can definitely achieve that!

You can find it here and this mascara will only run you about $30

EVERYONE needs a good base for their foundation. In the past what I've found is primers either make my face feel heavy, or I feel like they are somewhat oily and just make my face look shiny all day. This primer is not oil based, #1 awesome factor. In fact did you know if your products contain mineral oil (good luck finding that out, mineral oil hides under a an infinity of names *eyeroll*) then the product you're dishing out for- you aren't even getting the real benefit of it! The mineral oil just sits on your face acting like a disgusting barrier and your anti-aging whatever, is just dying to get through. Not this baby. It smooths over fine lines & wrinkles and actually helps my foundation stay put all day, without the oily look or making my face feel like a cake. Awesome factor #2 is that it basically doubles the life of my foundation because I don't feel like I need as much, and my foundation really just glides on super nice and even. Its great for sensitive skin, and is actually hydrating - making this a makeup bag MUST HAVE. 

You can find it here and it will run you about $44

On special occasions, a hot steamy day, or when you're lookin fierce- there is no room for "refreshing" yourself. Enter in.... the necessity for a setting spray. I'll admit, there was a time where I thought a setting spray was a pointless, overpriced product- that really wasn't something I needed. Then I had an opinion that a setting spray was like hairspray for your face, and would probably make my face stiff and uncomfortable. All of those assumptions were totally false, in the case of this brand at least. It's the one I've stuck with and loved, and has done the job. It actually feels refreshing! I don't use it every day, although I suppose you could- but like I said, for those special occasions and times where I can't have any chance of makeup melting off my face... this setting spray totally does the job!

Find it here and it will only set you back about $36

Bronzing isn't just for a summertime glow! You need one all year round to give you that sun kissed look... even when we are CRAVING some vitamin D. The best thing about this palette, besides the fantastic price point) is not all "bronze" are the same. This palette has a variety of depth, and one of them is matte. The matte shade totally comes in handy for contouring, or when you want your bronze to look super natural. The moonstone shade is great for a subtle hint of blush- meaning this palette is all you would need to finish up your "5 minute face".

Find it here and score it for $65

What is so great about this brand?

All of these products, as if they weren't fantastic already- are gluten free, vegan, great for sensitive skin, and actually GOOD for your skin. No fillers, artificial colors, or ingredients. Their ingredient policy is super transparent and they are actually a PETA approved. It's one thing for a company to say all of these things, but it's another for them to prove it. As of December this brand has achieved its B corp certification. That means you can feel super good about where your dollar is going, as well as what you're putting on your body! 

Did you know the skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs 60% of what you put on it with-in 26 seconds? That could definitely be scary if you don't know what you're putting on it. 


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