Skincare Mind Blown...

Ok so first of all, I self diagnosed myself- I am early-ish 30's, and im pretty sure my skin was hormonally freaking out. No change to products. It just got angry, said I was old and freaked out. So like any girl looking for a quick fix, I turned to Amazon. 

I came across the AVEO Skincare Brush and it is AMAZING. At the time (possibly still now so hurry) there was a coupon for an additional like $5 off, so it ended up being only about $20. 

So here's what I love- 

  • its chargeable
  • the scilicone brush is removable to wash (and its antimicrobial) 
  • it heats up
  • it vibrates at 3 speeds
  • it heats up AND vibrates

What does all of that mean and why is it good? That means its SUPER customizable to your skincare routine. The sonic vibrations actually help to push product into your skin, meaning the deeper layers of your skin can now benefit from the product. The heat helps to open the pores and increase circulation/blood flow as product is being massaged into the skin. I really wasn't sure how I would like a silicone brush head- but I am SO glad I decided to give it a try. The NUMBER one thing I love about it (besides the price point) is the fact I can SANITIZE this thing so well. I can clean off the silicone brush head, and also the flat head of the AVEO

I use a wash cloth for my face as normal with hot water to wet it and apply my cleanser. From there I dry my hands and let the AVEO do the rest. I use the silicone head (on heat and vibrate mode) to cleanse my face- then wash and dry, then follow up with my toner. I use the metal head on heat and vibrate mode to push in my serum and moisturizers, and my skin within 3 days has been drastically different. Making this a Jackson WELL spent. Especially considering just 6 short months ago I was SO close to spending 5x that on a wand- that didn't have nearly as many settings. And really- the dock that it sets on is probably the handiest thing ever. There is enough space so that the silicone or flat head can dry after being sanitized. 

If you check this product out let me know if you love it! I thought it was a pretty fantastic find...